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I want to welcome all of you to the world of Lady Bug Stampers.  We will be putting up some photos and instructions on cards very soon.  We are new at this so it may take a few days to get it all up and running.  But we are here to stay and hope you will join in on the fun.  Happy Crafting for now and we will see you soon.


Hi all welcome to our NEW Blog,  My name is Linda and my friends name is Phyllis, and together we will be posting to this blog with our spin on card making.  We both love to do card making.  We have been friends for over 33 yrs now.  We have a website together it is and we sell craft products of all kinds for scrap booking, and stamping.  We would love for you to check us out and see what products you might want.  With the price of gas I am more apt to buy from the internet and pay the shipping then to take my time and gas money to go shopping.  (and I can do it without getting dressed up).  So I hope you will all come back to visit our blog as we progress in getting it started, and become a regular here.  Thanks for reading and happy crafting. 

Hi all welcome …