Hello all my fellow crafters.  I just found some websites that do challenges and I am going to post the photos of the cards here on my blog.  If your interested in doing some challenges just type that into your search at the top.  We get all our supplies from our website at  I have been doing digi stamps a lot lately and love them but don’t have those on the site. There are lots of free digi’s out there for you to use just surf and look around, I find they are great fun to color and have been using my prisma colored pencils a lot and seem to be getting better with the blending.  It takes practice and is so much fun.  Buying a greeting card is expensive and making one is so much more personal and personalized as well.  I have fallen in love with this craft and want everyone else to love it.  So give it a try go to the website get yourself a few supplies and give it a try.  I bet you will fall in love with it as well.  Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon making cards with your family or friends.  Lets us hear from all you card makers out there.  Happy Crafting


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