Teddy Bear with Lollipop


My Lollipop

this is another digi drawn by Cheri who is just getting into the digi stamp business.  She has been drawing all her life , She has been painting for many years and she is a professional Photographer .  The little Girl on her is Called Shyla she and this bear are available for down load it you want them.  Please just let me know here and I will get in contact with you an let you know how you can get them.  I am also working on a couple of more but the cards are not done yet.  One will be a pumpkin with a cat and a Breast Cancer awareness ribbon.  Those to will be available as well as soon as I can get them up here.  They are at 300 dpi and you can resize them to the size you need.  Any questions just leave them here and I will get them.  Each image so far is 2.50 each.  There will be lots more to follow.  Cheri is setting up a website for them also and you will be able to go directly to her in the near future to get all your cute digi’s from.  He was so much fun to color an I use prisma color pencils on the image and the lollipop on the side is just some circles and cutout I had in my stash and I thought why not sure them up and make a “big” lolipop.  Hope you like him.


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